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Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Middle & Working Class Reader™

Hello from us here at OKJackGroupwhere We Paid the Dues that Aren't Required.

With Global XXI adding more combat zones, we feel that it is time to briefly review our six traditional areas of focus. After that, we'll comment on just exactly where we think Global XXI is headed.

1. Wealth, Power, Privilege and Control An OKJackGroup Extraordinary Commonsense Solution is to return to the middle and working class version of The National Wealth Equation―by strictly following the guidelines that we have set for the remaining five traditional areas of focus. Noncompliance with our guidelines will directly or indirectly result in negative impacts on National Economic Power and International Economic Might, the latter being the natural projection of the former. Remember this―National Economic Power and International Economic Might are together the bedrock that makes America possible. Brief Review:

Herein are our views on seven traditional areas of focus, to wit: Wealth, Power, Privilege and Control, Income Tax, War and Warfare, U.S. Presidents, Big Six v. Small Six, Bad Laws and Risk & Sacrifice v. Tails & Wagging.

These views reflect reasoned and seasoned analyses, syntheses, conclusions, judgments and opinions―while applying OKJackGroup Extraordinary Commonsense Solutions to longstanding issues that are peculiar to the political, economic and military arenas. Naturally, our group's middle and working class views on each of the aforementioned focus areas shall continue to be a reflection of one another―with a collective eye on the past, present and future.

Our solutions are aimed squarely at the enhancement of (1) National Economic Power and the (2) International Economic Might projected therefrom and requisite to global political, economic and military reach―all under the umbrella of (3) We the People's Constitution and its Bill of Rights, as well as (4) The Middle Class National Wealth Equation derived from Big Government/Big Legal enforcement of Amendment XVI and Big Government reestablishment of the bottom marginal supply-side provisions provisions of the Revenue Act of 1913 while repealing the top marginal demand-side environment created by the cumulative impact of the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 and the Tax Reform Act of 1986, i.e., the top marginal federal income tax rate being cut from 70% to 28% (now back up to the 1990's top rate of 39.6%), thus resulting in massive revenue shortfalls mirrored by massive deficit spending requiring massive federal borrowing, printing & minting to pay all of America's bills between 1983 and 2014 ($16-$17 trillion in borrowing alone, thereby raising the U.S. Public Debt from less than $1 trillion in 1983 to $17-$18 trillion in 2014).


Big Government = President/Congress

Big Legal = supreme Court

More succinctly―international political, economic and military reach simply cannot exist without financing provided by Big Government through revenue derived from Income Tax.

America's power, might and subsequent global reach has been challenged for some 70 years―the longest and most consistent series of global challenges. The foregoing period began with the conclusion of World War II and the almost immediate expansion of the Soviet Empire throughout Eastern Europe―and behind the Iron Curtain.

The United States has financed the international challenges of all comers by borrowing to make up the difference between revenues and expenses.

Roughly speaking, about .5 trillion has been added to the U.S. Public Debt annually through the administrations of Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama. This means that the debt has been doubled about every eight years or so.

The Cold War was won by outspending the Soviet Union on defense. Considering Russia's purported goal of restoring the Old World Order that existed between 1945 and 1989―will engaging Russia in another half century long defense spending spree be doable and sustainable? And even if such a spending spree doesn't bankrupt the U.S., how much of the Old World Order will Russia be able to cobble together over such a period of time? Other questions must be posed as well. What about China? What about the Arab and Persian spheres? After all, the original Cold War cannot simply be duplicated when so many global changes have gotten traction on the New World Stage. We're addressing SE Asia's industrial revolution and SW Asia's oil. And where does the European Union play in all of this? Yes, so many questions accompany so many changes since 1989 and the dismantling of the Iron Curtain.

Over the decades, we have concluded that it is high time for America's alternating pendulum to get back to the basics, i.e., to swing in the direction of America's 18th Century founding charters. We further conclude that such a swing is necessary in order to correct the extremes of the left and the right―and to rebalance the Big Six v. Small Six, i.e., the Wealth, Power, Privilege and Control exercised within the big v. small arenas of government, politics, courts, business, media and religion. Within this context, the ultimate goal of our seven Extraordinary Commonsense Solutions is a return to and revitalization of The Middle Class National Wealth Equation―thus, sustaining National Economic Power and International Economic Might, the latter being the natural projection of the former.

Remember this―National Economic Power and International Economic Might are together the bedrock that makes America possible.

That bears repeating.

Said in another way then―National Economic Power and International Economic Might are together the bedrock that enables all other forms of National Power and International Might. This, as Global XXI plays itself out across Our Blue Planet―we, all the while hurdling through the space-time continuum.

Think of it this way.

There is no place to go. At least not yet.

So, we have to somehow indefinitely sustain America's Power and America's Might―but within the unavoidable context of America's mere 4% (.3 billion) population sharing our planet's resources  with 96% (7 billion) other Earthlings.

Sounds sci-fi you say?

Well, simply step back for a moment, and view our planet from beyond our finite 9-planet solar system―from somewhere far out in an infinite universe of some 125,000,000,000 galaxies, each of which containing up to 1,000,000,000 stars like our sun. Once you sit back and wrap your head around this, we think you'll get our drift.

Blue Planet

Let's go ahead now―and move on to the OKJackGroup Extraordinary Commonsense Solutions for our seven traditional areas of focus, to wit: Wealth, Power, Privilege and Control, Income Tax, War and Warfare, U.S. Presidents, Big Six v. Small Six, Bad Laws and Risk & Sacrifice v. Tails & Wagging.

Best Regards, OKJack™Group™

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